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State & Local Taxes

states local taxes

To meet current budgetary needs, states are considering ways to generate additional tax revenue—not only through legislative initiatives and tax amnesties, but also through enhanced enforcement. To support these efforts, many states are collecting and leveraging information gained from the IRS or increasingly from other states. For many companies, a large percentage of their overall tax liability comes from state and local taxes. With various taxing jurisdictions becoming ever more aggressive, the puzzle of multistate issues can “tax” a company’s internal resources and drain its profits. Companies need to have a state and local tax strategy that meets today’s challenges and business objectives.


We actively manage or assist in the management of your business’ tax position relating to the sale and purchase of tangible personal property and services:

  • On-going tax compliance and consulting
  • Nexus (filing requirements) review
  • Voluntary disclosure agreement negotiation
  • Sales and use tax refund review
  • Purchasing and accounts payable training
  • Automated sales tax integration
  • Tax planning through entity structuring
  • Credits and Incentives

Our experts will help you manage state and local programs, as well as funds and grants available as your business grows and expands. Our services are designed to obtain and optimize:

  • Exemptions and abatements
  • Tax credits
  • Grants
  • Negotiated Incentive packages
  • Reimbursements for training expenses
  • Energy Rate Reductions


We offer a complete range of consulting, compliance and dispute resolution service to meet the challenge of managing your growing operations.

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