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Failing to pay payroll taxes is considered the most serious type of tax delinquency by the IRS, as it involves the withholding of employees’ money. This can result in severe penalties, which can quickly multiply the amount owed. The IRS is known for aggressively pursuing collection of this type of tax and may even seize business assets or close down the company to satisfy the debt. Therefore, it’s important to seek professional representation when dealing with the IRS to avoid any missteps that could potentially harm your business. Fill out the form below to receive a free consultation on how to resolve any payroll tax issues.

Financial Planning for Businesses

You Have Come To the Right Place

At J&R Accounting Group LLC, we believe that the goal of business financial planning is to advise decision-makers on how to achieve revenue and growth goals through strategic planning. Our team analyzes, synthesizes, and translates data to help CEO, CFO, COO, and other C-suite management make informed decisions about the future of their company.

If you’ve been running your business for some time, you may be stuck in a routine of managing payroll, taxes, and cash flow. While you may be earning a good living, you might wonder if there is a way to become even more profitable without making significant changes to your current practices. Fortunately, we can help you achieve this goal.

We Understand Your Business

Partnering with an accounting firm that not only understands your business operations but also has expertise in financial planning and analysis can take your business to new heights. While you may already know the value of working with an accounting firm, having a financial expert on your team can help you unlock new growth opportunities and make informed decisions that positively impact your

bottom line. Don’t settle for just bookkeeping and tax services; seek out a firm that can offer you comprehensive financial planning and analysis services to help you achieve your long-term goals.

Here’s what we do for you:

  • Financial reporting and analysis

  • Identify company-wide trends and variations in your business financials

  • Use historical performance data to forecast future performance

  • Profitability analysis

  • Develop and maintain strategic plans in support of growth

  • Business modeling

  • Budgeting and financial forecasting

  • Sales, marketing and economic analysis

  • Company performance management (developing key performance metrics and benchmarking)

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