Recently passed tax bill denies (effective for amounts incurred after 12/31/17) the deduction for business entertainment (events, athletic events, recreation and amusement, etc.).  The 50% deduction for business meals is still available assuming all the requisite requirements are maintained (documented as to who, what, when, where, and that a substantial business discussion takes place during the meal).


Comparison between the old law and new law:


Type 2017 Law 2018 Tax Reform
Employee Recreational Event Deduct Deduct
Entertaining Clients 50% Deductible Only Meals 50% Deductible
Employee Travel Meals 50% Deductible 50% Deductible
Meals provided for convenience of employer
that are not included in employee’s gross income  
(de minimis fringe benefits) 100% Deductible 50% Deductible