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Corporate Taxes

corporate taxes

In an effort to increase tax revenue, legislation continues to focus on corporations and partnerships. Current corporate and partnership tax laws have never been more confusing to prepare. Managing the corporate tax is an ever increasing difficult and challenging task given the multiple reporting requirements an organization is required to meet for federal and state tax compliance. Each one of these issues can be complex independently but are made particularly complex when trying to juggle strategy, planning and risk, in addition to meeting what can be multiple filing obligations.

We can help you make the right decision at an affordable price at the right time and ensure that taxation issues do not end up running your business. We have extensive expertise in providing federal and state tax compliance services to our clients. Whether you are a medium or small company we provide assistance in the entire process of Corporate Tax compliance ranging from advance tax computation to preparation and filing of Corporate Tax returns. We can assist during the year with accounting closes so that corporate and partnership tax returns can be prepared accurately and expeditiously. Even if you have let the books slip a bit, we can help get them cleaned up prior to preparing your return, get your Schedule C prepared and then help you plan for the best way to keep your books up-to-date going forward. We’re professionals and we’re here to assist you.


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